Tracking Reports

Parents / Guardians will get two full Tracking Reports and two shorter Ratings Reports during the school year for each pupil. These reports are available at Parent's Portal.

Curriculum Levels

There are five curriculum levels - Early, First, Second, Third and Fourth - in the broad general education, BGE (from early years to the end of S3).

Graph showing when the majority of pupils reach each curriculum level

Note: This is a general guide. Learners will progress at their own pace through the curriculum levels - the framework is designed to be flexible to permit careful planning for those with additional support needs, including those who have a learning difficulty and those who are particularly able or talented.

How Perth and Kinross Council schools report these levels

When we enter levels for reporting, we state the level which has been achieved (completed). As an example, a S2 pupil may get Level 3 which means that they are now working on Level 4.

We also give an indication of progression between levels. This will either be Emerging, Enhancing or Extending. 

Effort, Behaviour and Homework feedback is also given. This is reported on a scale of 1 to 4 (1 meaning "Excellent", 2 is "Good", 3 is "Needs improving" while a 4 is a "serious concern").