Social Subjects


The Social Subjects department has 6 experienced members of staff. The Head of Department is Mrs Downie. Miss Senkel, Miss Bonthrone, Mrs Lever, and Dr Donald make up the rest of the team. Each member of staff specialises in one/two of the three subjects, which combined make Social Subjects. They are History, Geography and Modern Studies.


In S3, all pupils will have a choice of selecting their preferred subject(s) within Social Subjects and we start to prepare for the National 4 and National 5 courses that they will follow in S4.

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Senior Phase

In S4, pupils follow the National 5 Geography/History/Modern Studies course. National 4 qualifications are also offered in all three subjects to pupils who are better suited to trying for National 5 in S5 or S6.

In S5 and S6, pupils can choose to continue their studies in Social Subjects at National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher level.

Information on National and Higher course topics can be found within each subjects Course Specification which can be accessed via the SQA website.


To consolidate knowledge and allow pupils to further enhance their Social Subjects knowledge homework is issued regularly. For all year groups, homework is set on Microsoft Teams, with printed worksheets available. Homework club is offered on a regular basis, allowing pupils to contact any member of the Social Subjects team to assist with the completion of homework.

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