The Science Department has a team of highly skilled practitioners where each member of staff specialises in two/three of the four subjects.

Mrs Kettle (Head of Department Chemistry and Physics)

Mrs McAuley (Head of Department Biology and Science)

Dr Templeton

Mr Thompson

Ms Dawson


In S1/2 pupils cover the experiences and outcomes related to

  • Planet Earth
  • Forces Electricity and Waves
  • Biological Systems
  • Materials

In S3 Pupils are given the choice to study Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Science as appropriate in preparation for the N4 and N5 courses that they may follow in S4. 

Senior Phase

In S4-6 pupils follow the national courses appropriate to their level.

Information on National and Higher course topics can be found within the course specification which can be accessed via the SQA website using the links provided:-

Biology - SQA

Chemistry - Course overview - SQA

Physics - Course overview - SQA

Science - SQA