Physical Education


The Physical Education department consists of 5 PE staff and 1 Active Schools Co-ordinator. The Head of the department is Mr Taylor (also HWB co-ordinator) with Mr Simpson, Miss Cafferty (also Head of House), Mrs Tomb, and Mr Flynn making up the rest of the PE teachers. Mrs Cameron is our Active Schools Co-ordinator.

We are very lucky to have a ‘21st century’ department which consists of a small and big games hall, fitness suite, dance studio, classroom, outdoor Astro, grass pitch and Multi Use Games Area (MUGA).

Each teaching area is well equipped, our classroom has an interactive smart board, and we are proactive in the use of online resources (Teams) to help support our pupils learning. 

We offer a wide array of courses within the Broad General Education (BGE) and Senior Phase (SP) level.


From S1-S3 all pupils are entitled to 2 periods of Core PE each week.

In S1 pupils remain in their ‘set’ class eg 1A, 1B etc but in S2 and S3 pupils are given more choice in the class they are in. This is to allow each pupil to feel as comfortable as possible and participate in an environment that is more suitable for them.

A focus in S3 core, over and above working through the BGE experiences and outcomes, is to get all our pupils to complete a National 3 award.

As well as core we also offer Masterclass and Wider Achievement courses.

The Masterclasses are delivered over 2 periods a week and focus on introducing pupils to the course content for the National 3-5 course on offer in S4.

Wider achievement courses come in the form of ‘Creative/Aesthetic’ (Gymnastics/Dance/Trampolining) and Sport and Recreation. These courses come with an additional award attached to them, going on the basis that pupils complete the necessary work. For example, pupils can achieve a Performance unit award at a level they are performing at (National 4 – Advanced Higher).

Senior Phase

All pupils in S4-6 continue to receive 2 periods of core PE each week.

In S4 core pupils will complete a National 4 award and have further opportunities to gain Performance unit passes at a level suited to their abilities eg National 5 – Advanced Higher.

In S5/6 core, opportunities will be given for pupils to gain additional awards/qualifications throughout the session.

In S4, pupils can follow the National 3-5 and/or the National 4/5 Sport and Recreation courses. Pupils can also complete the National 4/5 Mental Health and Wellbeing (MHWB) award. Please note that, at present, it is not possible to take the MHWB award as well as the National PE course.

In S5 & S6, pupils can choose to continue their studies in PE at National 5/Higher level (this will depend on what they have achieved in S4).

The National 4/5 Sport and Recreation course is still an option for those who did not choose it in S4 or for those who achieved a National 4 award in S4 and therefore can progress onto National 5 in S5/6.

In S5/6 pupils, depending on subject choice across the school, can choose to complete an individual unit of the National Progression Award (NPA) in ‘Play in a sports environment’. This is delivered 1 period a week and is a level 6 (Higher) award.

In S6 pupils can choose to continue their progression from Higher PE in S5 and move onto Advanced Higher. There is also an option of choosing an NPA in Exercise and Fitness Leadership which is delivered at level 6 (Higher level).

Continuous formative and summative assessments are used to track and monitor pupil progress throughout all years.


Regular homework plays a vital role in the development and consolidation of knowledge and skills.  Any homework given will usually be set on Microsoft Teams, with, where necessary, printed worksheets for additional support. There is also homework/study support club offered at set times throughout the year.


We actively encourage participation in extra-curricular clubs, team fixtures and competitions throughout the year. We offer a wide variety of extra-curricular clubs throughout the school week that allow pupils additional opportunities to participate, further develop skills and abilities, spend time with their peers but most of all have fun. These opportunities are great in supporting the positive wellbeing of our children and young people.

Exam/Assessment Revision links and course information

Advanced Higher

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National 5

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National 4

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National 3

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NPA Exercise and Fitness Leadership – Level 6

Course overview -

NPA Play in a Sports Environment – Level 6 (individual unit)

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National 4/5 Sport and Recreation

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Course overview for National 5 -

Mental Health and Wellbeing Award – Level 4/5

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Broad General Education (BGE)

PE study support

Monday 1530-1630

Thursday 1530-1630

Please note that if the times above don’t suit then please speak to a member of staff and we will make sure that you are supported at a time that suits you best