Parents Portal is a digital service to help replace the traditional school bag run by providing direct communication to parents and carers through a growing selection of online services.

As is securely linked to your myPKC account; it also makes it a one-stop-shop for digital services already available in Perth and Kinross. 

Who can log into

 All parents / carers of St John's can access

What you will see in

To start with, you will see basic information about your child(ren)’s school along with online services such as a link to paying for school meals and completing your child(ren)’s annual data check form electronically.

How to sign up for is accessed via myPKCIf you don't already use myPKC, you will need to create an account and you can do that by registering for myaccount. Select 'Register', then 'Create a new account'.

Whether you are a new or existing myPKC user there are two things you will need to do to be able to access

  • consent to sharing your data with
  • link your child's details to your account

Link your child's details to your account 

In order to make a link to your child(ren), the information you provide during the link child process must match the information your child’s school holds, for example:

  • you need to be identified as your child’s main contact
  • your child needs to have started in the school, the stage they will be in from August 2020
  • you need to provide your child's proper name (not preferred one) when asked for their first name

If you already have a myPKC account and have moved home, remember to check that the address held in myPKC is also up to date. MyPKC may still have your old address.

After entering you child's details you will be sent a security code to either your mobile number or email address registered in the school's system. This code is to provide additional security before your child's record is linked for access. You will need to enter the code to complete the link child request. which will be then sent to the school for approval. 

If you have more than one child, you can choose to 'link further children'. You will only need to link each account once.

Help with setting up access to

If for any reason you have not been able to set up an account, please refer to this:

parentsportal scot faq.pdf


Setting up a myPKC account

Setting up your account

What does the site look like?