Parent Council

Welcome to the Parent Council! We have a great opportunity at our school to be able to contribute towards the education and recreation of our young people from age 3-18. We have 4 meetings throughout the year which follows an agenda however it is very informal in every other way. Lots of laughs, tea, coffee and biccies! Occasionally we have guest speakers on a variety of subjects. If you feel you have something which you wish to find out more about or have a contact for an organisation that you would like to invite along, we would be delighted to hear from you.

We are looking to you to help us to provide the best opportunities for our children. We can all make a difference. Our Parent Council receive funding requests throughout the year for many different things and we need your help to make these achievable through our fundraising events throughout the year. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone of you who support the Parent Council in which ever way you do and to extend the welcome to all parents/carers old and new to the school.

I’d like to provide you with details of the things your generosity has contributed towards. Some of these have been paid for every year.

  • Donation towards S6 Hong Kong trip
  • Snacks and drinks for S2 ski trip
  • Sacrament of Initiation Preparation Books for P3 & P4
  • Hardship fund
  • Football and Hockey strips for Primary pupils
  • Football strips for senior pupils
  • Printing of Jackets & Sports jackets
  • Gymnastic leotards for Primary
  • School Parents’ Evening On-line booking system
  • Linguascope annual subscription which covers 5 languages for use with S1-S4
  • Bus for Education Mass for P5-P7
  • Bus for Fire up Scotland National Event
  • Primary Cooking Club
  • Primary 1 home school book bags
  • Donation towards purchase of licence for Summer Show
  • Lock in lunch trolley for Primary
  • Educational membership of the National Trust for Scotland reducing cost for trips
  • End of year party for P7

We are very keen to hear your ideas on how you wish your Parent Council to move forward and extend a warm welcome to you all to our next meeting.

Kind regards

Donna Ploetner

Parent Council Chair

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