Modern Languages


The Modern Languages department consists of 3 members of staff and offers both French and Spanish across the BGE curriculum and senior phase. The Head of Department is Ms Miller. Miss del Río and Mrs Devine make up the rest of the department.


In S1 pupils have 3 French lessons per week. In S2, pupils have two periods of French and they are also given the opportunity to experience one period of Spanish as part of the BGE curriculum to help inform them of their language choice in S3.

In S3, pupils are given the choice to study French/Spanish or both to prepare for the National 4 and National 5 courses that they will follow in S4. 

Senior Phase

In S4-6, pupils follow the National course appropriate to their level developing the four skill areas of talking, writing, reading and listening. Pupils complete unit assessments as per the SQA requirements to achieve the award.

Extra Curricular

BGE pupils are offered the opportunity to attend the Modern Languages Media club on a weekly basis where they watch films covering a range of languages to promote diversity and respect for other cultures across the school and within society.

Senior pupils are offered study support to further develop their language skills and prepare them for their final SQA exams.


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Senior Phase

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