English and Literacy


The English department has four full time experienced members of staff:
Mrs. Bremner – Head of Department.
Mrs. Halliburton
Mr. Blair
Miss McCombie.
Each teaching room is well equipped and has an interactive smart board. We offer a wide range of courses at National level.


In S1 and S2, pupils have four English lessons per week, covering experiences and outcomes in Reading, Writing, Listening and Talk. One of these periods focuses explicitly on reinforcing and consolidating Literacy skill sets. We cover a range of topics such as: creative and discursive writing, the study of genres such as prose, poetry, film, Scots Language and presentation skills.

S1 and S2 classes have designated library periods, every two weeks. We encourage a reading culture for our pupils and are working towards a Reading Schools Award.
We work in partnership with other departments to support YPI, in S2. Details of this can be found in the Business and Computing Department section.

In S3, all pupils continue with four English lessons per week, and we start to prepare for the National 4 and National 5 courses that they will follow in S4.

Senior Phase

In S4, pupils follow the National 5 English and National 5 Literacy courses. The National 4 English and Literacy courses are offered to pupils better suited to trying for National 5 in S5 or S6.

In S5 & S6, pupils can choose to continue their English studies at National 5 and Higher. S6 pupils have an opportunity to study Advanced Higher English.


Regular homework plays a vital role in the development and consolidation of English and Literacy. Homework is set on Microsoft Teams, printed worksheets, preparatory reading or finishing off classwork.


The department offers study support sessions to all pupils either during lunch-time, or after school.

Additional creative writing opportunities are available to pupils through a lunch-time writing club and encourage pupils to enter a range of writing competitions.

Online Study Resources

BGE Levels 3 and 4:


National 4, 5 and Higher
explainitagain.org - YouTube

(Pupils will need to create a login for this resource).

Advanced Higher