Course Choices

A curriculum pathway is the journey through school that your child will take to achieve and attain the best outcome possible for themselves and their future.

In January, pupils moving from S2 into S3 are offered the opportunity to reflect on their subjects from S1 and S2 and refine their curriculum choices for S3 and S4.

The move from S2 into S3 is an important stage in our pupils’ curriculum pathway and education as it facilitates a transition into the Senior Phase. The courses that pupils choose in S3 paves the way to success and provides prior learning and a strong and robust preparation for National Qualifications and attainment and achievement in the Senior Phase.

Senior Choices

S5 to S6 Choices

S4 to S5 Choices

S3 to S4 Choices

S2 into S3

Pathway Booklet

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Final Course Choice

Course choice booklets and forms will be added as soon as they become available.